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Sigue DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Western Africa


Sigue is a race game that was played in Senegal during the early nineteenth century. It was played with holes made in the ground, sticks inserted into the holes as pieces, and six sticks used as dice. It was said to be commonly played during Ramadan.


3x24 board. Two, four, or six players, playing on two teams. Twenty-four sticks for each team, place one each in every hole of a team's row. The inner row is left empty. Six sticks, black on one side, white on the other, which serve as dice. One team chooses to be black, the other chooses to be white. The throws are as follows: all of the same color, or all but one are of the same color, a player moves one piece from their row into the adjacent space in the central row, or a piece can be moved 1. Otherwise, the throw is scored based on the number of sticks with the team's color face up. The first throw uses five sticks, and subsequent throws use all six, and players continue to throw on their turn until they do not throw a 1. When a team's stick arrives in the same spot as the opposing team's stick, the opposing team's stick is sent back to the outer row. Pieces cannot move into the opposing team's row until all of the spaces in the central row are occupied. The team that occupies the opponent's entire row first wins.

Caillié 1830: 127-128.



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Parker 1909: 608; Murray 1951: 96.

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