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Sig (Tidikelt) DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Northern Africa

Category Board, War, Replacement, Eliminate, All


Sig is a word used for several games played throughout North Africa. This game, played in the Tidikelt region of Algeria, allows captures only in opponent's home rows. The playing spaces represent plots of cultivated gardens and the pieces are water flowing through them.


Three rows of holes, arranged vertically, the outer two have twelve holes and the central one has thirteen. Twelve pieces per player, which begin in the outer rows. Four sticks, black on one side and white on the other, the number of white faces up is the value of the throw; all black faces up = 6. A player must throw a 1 (sig) to unlock a piece, which moves from the top hole in the player's row to the top hole of the central row. When a piece reaches the thirteenth space in the central row, they must throw a sig to enter the opponent's home row, at the bottom hole in that row, and proceed up that row to the top and then back into the central row. When entering the opponent's row, the opponent's piece in their bottom hole is sent to the next available hole in their row. In the central row, when a piece lands on a hole with an opponent's piece, the opponent's piece is sent back to start in their home row. A player landing on a hole occupied by an opponent in the home row captures the opponent's piece. The player who captures all of the opponent's pieces wins.

Pâques 1964: 90-92.

These rules were taken from the Sig (Tidikelt) ruleset.

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Observed rulesets
Sig (Tidikelt) Rules for Sig as played in Tidikelt, with four sticks.
Six Stick Dice Played with six stick dice.



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Sig (Tidikelt).lud


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Depaulis 2001: 68; Gana 1991: 191.

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Depaulis, T. 2001. 'Jeux de parcours du monde arabo-musulman (Afrique du Nord et Proche-Orient). Board Games Studies 4: 53-76.

Gana, K. 1991. "De la transculturalité des figures ludiques." IBLA: révue de l'Institut des Belles Lettres Arabes 54 (168): 179-202.

Pâques, V. 1964. L'Arbre cosmique dans la pensée populaire et dans la vie quotidienne du nord-ouest africain. Paris: Institut d'Ethnologie.

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