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Shi Liu Kan Tsiang Kün (Shi Liu Kan Tsiang Kun, Shap Luk Kon Tseung Kwan)DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Eastern Asia, Southeastern Asia

Category Board, Hunt


Shi Liu Kan Tsiang Kün is a hunt game from nineteenth century China. Sixteen pieces play against one general. The game was played by children and day laborers on boards drawn on the street.


Board with 5x5 lines, diagonals drawn in the four quadrants of the board, and a triangle at the top, connecting the apex with the three central points at the top edge, and a line perpendicularly bisecting the height of the triangle. One player plays as the general, placed in the central position. The other player plays with sixteen pieces, arranged on the perimeter points of the square. Pieces move one spot along the lines on the board. The general may capture pieces when it moves into a space that is surrounded on two opposite sides, along the lines on the board, thus capturing the pieces on either side of it. Conversely, the general can be captured by surrounding it on two opposite sides with pieces. Only the general may enter the triangle. The goal of the general is to capture all of the opponent's pieces, the goal of the person playing with sixteen pieces is to capture the general. If the general becomes trapped in the triangle, the opponent wins.

Himly 1847: 469.



Ludeme Description

Shi Liu Kan Tsiang Kun.lud


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Murray 1951: 100=101; Culin 1898: 874-875.

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Culin, S. 1898. Chess and Playing-Cards. Washington: Government Printing Office.

Himly, K. 1887. "Anmerkungen in Beziehung auf das Schach- und andere Brettspiele." Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländlischen Gesellschaft 41: 461-484.

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