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Round Merels




Western Asia


Board, Space, Line.


Round Merels is a hypothesized game based on the frequent discovery of this pattern as graffiti on Roman and later monuments. It may be similar to a simple merels game but on a round board.


The board has two concentric squares, with a line connecting the center points of each side of the two squares, but not extending inside the perimeter of the central square. Play occurs on the intersections of the lines and the corners of the squares. Each player has five pieces. Play begins with each player placing pieces on empty points. If they make three in a row along the lines, they can remove one of the opponent's pieces. Once all pieces are place, players take turns moving pieces one spot to an adjacent point along the lines. If a player makes three in a row, an opponent's piece is removed as in the first phase of the game. The game is won when the opponent is reduced to two pieces.

Murray 1951: 42-43.

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Blumlein Suggested by C. Blümlein.



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Blümlein 1918: 101-102.

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Roueché, C. 2007. Late Roman and Byzantine game boards at Aphrodisias. In Finkel, I. ed. Ancient Board Games in Perspective. London: The British Museum Press. pp. 100–105.

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