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Ring DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Australia and New Zealand

Category Board, Space, Line


Ring is a game played by the Warlpiri people of Australia in the mid-twentieth century. Old men described it has always having been played in the town. It was originally reported as a likely imported game, but the ubiquity of alignment games worldwide and the fact that alignment games on circular boards are rare elsewhere show that the game is probably an indigenous development.


A circle with eight radii. Three pieces per player. Each player has three pieces, which must start on the outer ring adjacent to each other. Players alternate turns moving a piece to an empty point along the lines of the board. The player who makes a line of three through the center of the circle wins.

Meggitt 1958: 194-194.



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Meggitt, M. 1958. Two Australian Aboriginal Games and a Problem of Diffusion. Mankind 5(5): 191-194.

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