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Category Board, Space, Territory


Fight over left-overs in this quick territorial game.


On your turn, you place a hexagonal tile of your color that covers three mutually orthogonally adjacent rhombuses. In Ludii this is done by first selecting one of the rhombuses the tile will cover, then another. The third one is determined by these two selections. When no more placements are possible, the game is over and the winner is the player with the higher score.

The general idea behind the scoring is simple: You get 1 point per empty rhombus that ends up adjacent to more of your hexagons than your opponent's hexagons. However, two slight complications are necessary to exclude all draws in as fair a manner as possible:

1: You score 1 point every time you make a placement that closes off an odd number of tied rhombuses. (A rhombus is closed off when it is adjacent to no rhombus that can be filled in on a future turn.) This is equivalent to dividing tied cells between you in a "one for me, one for you, one for me"-fashion as they are closed off.

2: You get 1 bonus point if your opponent has made more placements than you at the end of the game.

All scoring is automatic in Ludii.


Michael Amundsen


Michael Amundsen

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