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Renju "Connected Pearls" is the professional version of the Japanese game Gomoku. Play occurs on a 15x15 grid of intersecting lines, play occurring on the intersections. Play begins in a set sequence: The first player places 2 black and one white stone. The second player chooses to play black or white. White player places another stone on the board. Black places two on the board. White removes one of the stones black played in the previous turn. White places a white stone. There are moves that Black cannot make: 1. Black cannot place a stone that makes two lines of three that are unblocked by white; 2.Black cannot place a stone that makes two separate lines of four in a row; 3. Black cannot make more than five in a row. Play then continues with players taking turns placing stones. Black can win by making exactly five in a row. White can win by making five or more in a row or forcing black to make an illegal move.


Japanese newspaper Yorozu chouhou

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