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Pushing Me XO





Board, Space, Line.


Pushing Me XO, a strategic game for brain training while playing to find the ways to connect and creates the line with cubes to win the game in horizontally, vertically or diagonal.


At the first round of the game, players can only pick a blank face cube. Next round players can play the same cube at the previously. A player cannot return a cube that he/she has played to place on where he/she took it from. A player who creates the line of opponent’s symbol is the person who loses the game, even if he/she has created a line of his/her own symbol at the same time.


BSiri Games & Puzzles
This is a proprietary game.

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Pushing Me XO.lud



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lkjh Maastricht University
Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (DKE)
Paul-Henri Spaaklaan 1, 6229 EN Maastricht, Netherlands
This project is funded by a 2m euro
ERC Consolidator Grant from the
European Research Council