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Piç (Pic)





Western Asia


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Piç is a multiplayer mancala-style board game played in eastern Turkey, particularly near the city of Erzurum. Instead of being played on a board, the counters are placed in heaps, and players capture heaps from which they capture all counters which enter that heap.


Played by two to five players. Each player has three heaps of counters, with twelve counters per heap. Sowing occurs in an anti-clockwise direction. When a player creates a heap containing three counters in an opponent's heap, a circle is drawn around the heap and the player captures every counter placed in it. When there are no heaps left, the player with the most counters wins.

And 1979: 52-53.

These rules were taken from the Piç ruleset.

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Piç Played in a village near Erzurum, Turkey.
Nine counters Played with nine counters per heap.



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And, M. 1979. 'Some notes on aspects and functions of Turkish folk games.' The Journal of American Folklore 92(363): 44–64.



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