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Piaf DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Western Africa


Piaf is a game played by girls in the Diafarabe area of Mali. It is a race game, in which a mother must prepare herself to leave, travel across the board, and then prepare herself for sleep. Upon doing this, she becomes a hyena, which must seize and eat the other mothers.


3x30 board, one end being the start and the other the end. Unknown dice. Multiple players. Each player plays as one piece, their mother, and there is a hyena piece. Before moving along the track, the mother must get up, wash, get dressed, take her bags, and go before moving. These tasks are made by throws which are agreed upon before the game. After moving through the track, the mother must drink water, rest, wash, eat, hide, and sleep, according to the same throws. When a mother has done this, that player may then move the hyena, which moves twice the throws of the mothers. When the hyena catches a mother, it must seize her, cut off her head, her legs, her arms, eat her, break her bones, and give back her bones, and then continue. Players whose mothers are devoured before reaching the end lose.



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Béart, C. 1955. Jeux et jouets de l'ouest africain. Tome II. Dakar: IFAN.



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