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Peg Solitaire DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Western Europe

Category Puzzle, Planning


Peg Solitaire is a single-player game attested in Europe since the seventeenth century. There are two board variations, "European" which is hexagonal with three spaces per side and "English" which has the central hole in each of the six sides of the hexagon removed. Spaces take the form of holes in which pegs are inserted.


Play begins with all holes filled except the central hole. The player moves a peg by orthogonally jumping an adjacent peg and removing it from the board. The goal is to remove all but one peg, leaving it in the central hole.

Murray 1951: 93.

These rules were taken from the English ruleset.

All Rulesets

Described rulesets
English English Peg Solitaire.
European European Peg Solitaire.



Ludeme Description

Peg Solitaire.lud


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Murray 1951: 93.

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de Berey, Claude Auguste. 1687. Portrait of Anne Chabot de Rohan Princesse de Soubise.

Murray, H.J.R. 1951. A History of Board-Games Other Than Chess. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

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