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Order and Chaos



Category Board, Space, Line


Order and Chaos is an asymmetric variant of the game tic-tac-toe on a 6×6 gameboard.


The game is played on a board with twelve points on either side. The points form a continuous track in a horseshoe shape; each player progresses in opposite directions (one from their bottom right to the top right, the other from their bottom left to their top left. Each player has 15 pieces. Each player's fifteen pieces begin on the first point of their track. Players move according to the number on each die by moving one piece the value on one die then another piece the value on the other die, or by moving one piece the value of one die and then the value of the other. If doubles are rolled, the player must play the number on each die twice. A piece cannot land on a space occupied by one of the opponent's pieces. A player must first move a single one of their pieces around the board and onto one of the final six points of their track before moving any of the other pieces. When all of the player's pieces are on the final six points, they may be borne off the board. The player who bears off all of their pieces wins. The winning player's score equals the number of the opponent's pieces which are left on the board. Play continues until one player's score reaches 31.

Barakat 1974: 16-18.


Stephen Sniderman


Kadon Enterprises

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