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Category Board, Space, Group


Omny is a system of connection games that originated as a generalization of Mark Steere's Gyre. It includes Y as one of its many variations. Luis Bolaños Mures invented Omny in 2017.


Omny is played on the cells of any hexagonal grid where some or all of the cells are designated star cells. Players take turns placing a stone of one's own color on an empty cell. A group is a set of connected stones of the same color. A cut of a group X is any set of connected cells (empty or occupied by either player) including no stones in X. You win by making a group such that none of its cuts include more than half the cells of the board. For serious play it is advised to play with a balance rule in force.

In Misère Omny you lose if you make a group whose cuts each contain no more than half of the star cells.


Luis Bolaños Mures (used with permission)

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