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Nei-Pat-Kono (Four Field Kono)DLP Game   


Period Modern, 1800s

Region Eastern Asia, Northern Asia

Category Board, War, Leaping, Lines


Nei-Pat-Kono is a game played in Korea at least since the end of the nineteenth century, and likely earlier. It is a game of leaping captures similar to others common around the world.


4x4 board, eight pieces each player. Pieces move orthogonally by either jumping a player's own piece to capture an opponent's piece or by moving one space into an empty hole. Captures are not compulsory. The goal is to reduce the opponents pieces to 1 or blocking them so they can no longer move.

Culin 1895: 101.



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Murray 1951:92

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Culin, S. 1895. Korean Games with Notes on the Corresponding Games of China and Japan. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania.

Murray, H.J.R. 1951. A History of Board-Games Other Than Chess. Oxford: Clarendon Press.




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