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Nao Gutiya Baithaneka DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Southern Asia

Category Puzzle, Planning


Nao Gutiya Baithaneka is a solitaire game played in the Bihar region of India. The player attempts to place nine pieces on a star-shaped board with a distinct pattern of moves.


The board is a five-pointed star. The player has nine pieces. The player attempts to place all the pieces on the board. The player choses a point, then moves the piece two spaces in a straight line. The piece may move through a spot occupied by another piece, but must land on an empty space. The player wins by successfully placing all nine pieces.

Das Gupta 1935: 415-416.



Ludeme Description

Nao Gutiya Baithaneka.lud


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Das Gupta, C. 1935. "A Few Types of Sedentary Games from Bihar." Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal 1: 409-418.

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