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Category Experimental


The title of the game Morpharaoh is a nod to capture (morph), connection (a row), a previous square grid connection game by Luis Bolaños Mures' Morphos which inspired it, and to the Cairo tiling used for the board.

The game solves the cross-cut problem of boards with cells that meet 4-to-a-vertex in some locations, by use of a capture based on a majority n of adjacencies, thus preventing immediate recapture. To minimise the amount of captures, and thus provide the a more strategic game than one based on simple majority captures, the captures are limited to those that resolve crosscuts along an existing diagonal connection, using a lobsided 'V' pattern of surrounding stones. -- and restricting edge capture to captures adjacent to an adjacent pair of stones.

Option is provided for independently relaxing these restrictions.
A pie offer option has not yet been implemented.

The boards provided are a 48 cell and 160 cell board, designed specifically to provide an odd number of neighbors to each cell: 5 in the interior, and 3 at every edge cell. The Cairo board is one of the few regualr grids that permit such a condition. It also dilutes the possible cross-cuts to two per location, compared with 4 per location on a square grid.


Goal: Connect your opposite sides with a continuous chain of stones on edge-to-edge ('orthogonally adjacent') cells.

Achieving the goal ends the game.

Players take turns. There is no passing.
-- On a turn the mover either places a stone from their supply on an empty space, or uses it to replace an opponent's stone on a space that the mover controls.

Edge spaces are controlled by two orthogonally adjacent mover stones that are also orthogonally adjacent to each other.

All other spaces are controlled by having at least 3 orthogonally adjacent mover stones, one of which that is both orthogonally adjacent to the second, and diagonally adjacent to the third.


Dale W. Walton

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