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Category Board, Space, Line


Millieu is a 3-D Morris game based loosely on the game OutFoxThe goal is to be the last to complete a turn - this almost always occurs by the opponent running out of pieces.The game uses 2 sets of 9 common pieces combining all combinations of 3 attributes in 2 dimensions (color + shape). Each player has their own set in-hand in the beginning, but the pieces are no longer owned once in play. Moves follow a place-then-must-slide-an-adjacent-piece protocol. All turns must be fully completed.Captures are made by forming mills, and allow a player to restock their hand. A mill is an orthogonal line of 3 uniquely different pieces that share one common attribute. When a player forms a mill, they must remove one of the 2 inactive pieces in that mill back into their own hand for re-use.To win, the first player must either make one more capture than the opponent, or rarely, prevent the other player from placing a piece by leaving no slide moves available. This suggests the game, as it stands, has a second player advantage. - However much opening play testing will be needed to determine if the perceived advantage is real...


The last player to complete a turn wins - typically when the opponent runs out of pieces in their hand.

Each player starts with a full set of 9 pieces: each combination of shape and color. Pieces once played are not owned, but may be recaptured during the game for reuse.

The game starts with a placement by the first player.
Thereafter, each turn has a placement followed by a movement, and one or more required piece recaptures if available.

-- 1. Placement:
The first step in every turn is a placement to an empty point next to at least one existing piece that can slide.

-- 2. Movement:
The player must choose on piece next to the newly placed piece and slide it orthogonally one or two points to a new position. The piece can only move to empty points, never crossing a piece in play.

-- 3. Capture:
Either (or both) of the first two actions can form one or more 'mills'.

A mill is an orthogonal line of three uniquely different piece types that all share one common attribute - either color or shape.

The player completes their turn by destroying every mill on the board by removing one of the 2 unmoved pieces that it contains. (Newly added and moved pieces may not be removed.)

A turn is not complete until all the applicable actions have been performed. A player may not make a move that would bring their hand size to more than 9 pieces.


Dale Walton

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