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Make Muster



Category Board, Space, Group


Make Muster is one of several unification games that can be played on the Muster board. The Muster board is a rotated square board with ragged edges and 8 directions of connectivity. Standard sizes are order 2 through order 6. Each order board has 5 x the order squared playing positions.


On your turn, place a single piece of your color on an empty position that is not next to another friendly piece. This is compulsory whenever it is possible to do so.

When it is not possible to place a piece; then instead, step one of your pieces to an adjacent empty position.

You win either:
-- when all your pieces become connected, or
-- when you cut-off your opponent from being able to connect theirs.


Dale W. Walton

Creation date


Ludeme Description

Make Muster.lud


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