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Maak Yék (Maak Yek)




Southeastern Asia


Maak Yék is a capturing game played in Thailand. It involves custodial capture of pieces, as well as a reverse form of this, where a single piece can capture two pieces surrounding it.


8x8 board. Sixteen pieces per player. The pieces begin on the first and third rank or squares with respect to each player. Pieces move orthogonally any distance. Pieces are captured when surrounded on both sides by an enemy piece. Enemy pieces may also be taken if a piece moves into a space such that the enemy pieces are on either side of it. The goal is to capture all of the enemy's pieces.

Low 1839: 382-383.




Murray 1951: 54.

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Low, J. 1839. 'On Siamese Literature.' Asiatic Researches 20(2): 338-392.



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