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Los Escaques DLP Game   

Period Medieval

Region Southern Europe, Western Europe

Category Board, Race, Score


Los Escaques is a game based on the zodiac and movements of the planets, sun and moon. Points are awarded for placing the piece in certain alignments with the other pieces.


Seven players. Seven concentric circles, divided into twelve equal sections, labeled after the twelve zodiac signs. The inner circle has one space per section, the next circle out has two per section, and so on, with the outer circle having seven spaces per section. Each player controls one piece, which travels in its circle only. Each piece begins in a different section, on the first space in that section: Saturn, beginning in Aquarius; Jupiter, beginning in Sagittarius; Mars, beginning in Scorpio; Sun, beginning in Leo; Venus, beginning in Taurus; Mercury, beginning in Virgo, and the Moon, beginning in Cancer. Each player rolls a seven-sided die, to determine which piece they play as, seven being Saturn and one being the Moon, and the others in order as already given. Movement is determined by the roll of this die, and proceeds in a clockwise direction. When a piece enters a new section, the player gains or loses points. Points are allocated based on how many sections away (either forward or behind) from the new section the other pieces are located. If a piece is two sections away, the player gains 24 points; if four sections away, 36; if three sections away, the player loses 36, if six sections away, loses 72; if the same section; 144.

Libro de los Juegos 95-96.



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Los Escaques.lud


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Murray 1913: 349-351

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Golladay, S. M. n.d. Alfonso X’s Book of Games. Translated by Sonja Musser Golladay.

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