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Liubo DLP Game   

Period Ancient

Region Eastern Asia

Category Reconstruction, Pending, Board, War


Liubo is one of the oldest games known from ancient China. Its distinctive board, with the "TLV" pattern, is known since at least the Warring States period in China. Texts and artifacts give clues about the rules of the game, and a recently discovered text purporting to be the rules of the game has not been translated.


Liubo board. Six pieces per player. Six throwing sticks used as dice.



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Selbitschka, A. 2016. 'A Tricky Game: A Re-evaluation of Liubo Based on Archaeological and Textual Evidence.' Oriens Extremus 55: 105-166.

Tseng, L. 2004. 'Representation and Appropriation: Rethinking the TLV Mirror in Han China." Early china 29: 162-215.

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Liubo board and pieces from China. Han Dynasty.
Metropolitan Museum of Art 1994.285a–m, Purchase, Eileen W. Bamberger Bequest, in memory of her husband, Max Bamberger, 1994.

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