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Knossos Game DLP Game   

Period Ancient

Region Southern Europe

Category Board, Race, Escape


The Knossos Game is a speculated game based on an object found at the Palace of Knossos in Crete which looks like a game board, and which had four conical pieces found nearby. It is a unique object, though fragments with similar decoration could point to its existence elsewhere in the Aegean.


The board consists of ten circles: three vertical, three more running perpendicular to those, two more perpendicular downward from those, and two above the central two circles of the horizontal row. Four more circles, arranged in a diamond, are separated from the rest of the board, above the two circles above the horizontal row.

These rules were taken from the Historical Information ruleset.

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Ludeme Description

Knossos Game.lud


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Hillbom 2011: 201-272; Murray 1951: 23-24.

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Hillbom, N. 2011. Minoan Games and Game Boards: an Archaeological Investigation of Game-Related Material from Bronze Age Crete. Saarbrucken: Dr. Müller.

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