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Janggi (Korean Chess, Tjyang-keui, Changgi, Jangki)DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Eastern Asia, Northern Asia

Category Board, War, Replacement, Checkmate, Xiangqi


Janggi is played in Korea and is very similar to other games derived from Indian Chaturanga throughout East Asia. It is very popular in Korea, and international tournaments are becoming more popular.


The board has nine vertical lines and ten horizontal rows, and the pieces are placed on the intersections of these lines. Centred along the back lines of each side is a three by three square with diagonals known as the palace. Pieces have special movement values: Janggun (general): May move one spot along the lines within the palace but cannot leave it. Sa (guards): Same movement as the Janggun. Ma (horses): Move one spot forward orthogonally and then one forward diagonally. Sang (elephants): Move one spot orthogonally forward then two spots diagonally forward. A Ma and Sang can be switched in the initial setup. Cha (chariots): Move like a rook in Chess, but also diagonally within the palace. Po (cannons): Jump over exactly one piece, over any distance horizontally or vertically, but cannot jump over or capture another cannon. Byeong/Jol (soldiers): Move and capture one point forward or sideways. Play continues until Woetong (checkmate) of the Janggun.

Culin 1895: 82-88.



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Murray 1913: 134–137

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Culin, S. 1895. Korean Games with Notes on the Corresponding Games of China and Japan. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania.

Murray, H. J. R. 1913. A History of Chess. London: Oxford University Press.

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