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Jänes Soppi (Alignment) (Janes Soppi (Alignment))DLP Game   


Category Board, Space, Line


This version of the game known as Jänes Soppi is an alignment game. It was played in Kärla, Estonia.


3x3 intersecting lines, with triangles extending on opposite ends of the large square and the central line extending to the apices. One player plays as three notched sticks, called hares, and the other as three sharp sticks, known as the hounds. Players alternate turns placing a piece on the board. When a player has placed all of their pieces on the board, they move one of their pieces to an empty adjacent spot along the lines. The first player to place their three pieces in a row along the lines of the board wins.

Michaelsen 2014: 207-208.



Ludeme Description

Janes Soppi (Alignment).lud

Credit lud File

Eric Piette


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Michaelsen 2014:207-208.


Michaelsen, P. 2014. "Haretavl - Hare and Hounds as a Board Game." In M. Teichert (ed.), Sport und Spiel bei den Germanen: Nordeuropa von der römischen Kaiserzeit bis zum Mittelalter. Berlin: De Gruyter.



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