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Hund efter Hare (Vendsyssel) DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Northern Europe

Category Board, Hunt


Hund efter Hare is a blockade game played in Denmark. This version is from Vendsyssel, and has been played at least since the nineteenth century.


Three diamonds in a row, the central one connecting to the others one opposite corners. A horizontal line connects the top corners of the diamonds, another horizontal line connects the bottom corners of the diamonds, and a longer horizontal line connects all the middle corners. The outer two diamonds have vertical lines connecting their top and bottom corners. One player plays as three hounds, which begin on the outer corner and top and bottom corner of one of the end diamonds. The other player plays as one hare, which begins on the central point of the same diamond. Players alternate turns moving a piece to an empty adjacent spot along the lines of the board. The Hare moves first. The hounds win by blocking the hare from being able to move.

Michaelsen 2009: 151.

These rules were taken from the Hund efter Hare (Vendsyssel) ruleset.

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Hund efter Hare (Vendsyssel) Rules for Hund efter Hare from Vendsyssel.

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Hare Wins Hare can win.



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Hund efter Hare (Vendsyssel).lud


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Michaelsen 2014: 202-204.

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Michaelsen, P. 2009. "Haretavl – hund efter hare som brætspil”. Historisk Årbog for Thy og Vester Han Herred. 149–163.

Michaelsen, P. 2014. "Haretavl - Hare and Hounds as a Board Game." In M. Teichert (ed.), Sport und Spiel bei den Germanen: Nordeuropa von der römischen Kaiserzeit bis zum Mittelalter. Berlin: De Gruyter.

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