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Haretavl (Harespil)





Northern Europe, Western Europe


Board, Space, Blocking.


Haretavl is a blockade game from Scandinavia. It is documented from the nineteenth century, but older boards which have the same design are known from the Middle Ages, and thus the game may be much older.


Square board, divided into eight equal triangles, with the central horizonal line extended past the square on either side and lines connecting the end point to the two nearby cornes of the square One player plays as the hare, the other player as three hounds. Players take turns placing one of their pieces on the board. When a player has placed all their pieces, they move to an adjacent empty spot. When the hounds block the hare from being able to move, the hounds win.

Michaelsen 2014.



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Michaelsen 2014.

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Michaelsen, P. 2014. "Haretavl - Hare and Hounds as a Board Game." In M. Teichert (ed.), Sport und Spiel bei den Germanen: Nordeuropa von der römischen Kaiserzeit bis zum Mittelalter. Berlin: De Gruyter.

Molbech, C. 1833. Dansk Ordbog. Copenhagen: Gyldendal.



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