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Goldilocks Stones



Category Experimental


Goldilocks Stones is a pure placement game in which a player scores one point for each stone that has just the right number of friendly neighbors; i.e. 3
A fairly straight-forward game that fills about 90 percent of the board. The tactics lie in blocking placements or taking advantage of future placement sites where the opponent would need to sacrifice points to block your placement.


Goal: Score stones where exactly half of the available neighbor sites are occupied by friendly stones at the end of the game.
The player with the highest score wins.

Start with an empty board. Then on each turn the player adds one of his stones to the board, or passes.

The game ends when both players pass consecutively, and then the score is calculated.

In case of a tie, the last to place a stone loses.

Variant Placement: Add 2 stones at a time after the first placement.
Variant Goal: Score stones that have exactly 3 friendly neighbors at the end of the game.


Dale W. Walton

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