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Game of Dwarfs (Catch the Giant)



Category Board, Space, Blocking


The game of Dwarfs, also called, "Catch the Giant" is played by two players on a board of size 8.


One player has three dwarfs and the other has one giant.
Firstly, the giant is placed on one of the top sites. After this first move of the giant, it is the dwarfs' move.
Each piece can move between the different sites only if they are connected by an edge. The dwarfs can move only forwards or sideways, the giant can move in all the directions.

The goal of the dwarfs is to block the giant on the top site. The giant has to break through the line of dwarfs to get 2 points and win. In case of a repetition of moves, the giant is winning with one point.


Fred Schuh

Creation date


Ludeme Description

Game of Dwarfs.lud


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