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Four-Handed Chaturanga DLP Game   

Period Medieval

Region Southern Asia

Category Reconstruction, Pending, Board, War, Replacement, Checkmate, Chaturanga


Four-Handed Chaturanga is a four player version of the game played in late medieval India, and documented in the Manasollasa. Its description does not include dice, in contrast to later four player Chaturanga games.


Four players. Placement of pieces: Chariots on corners, horses to their right, elephants to the right of horses, kings to right of elephants. One row of four pawns in from of these. Winning consists of scoring the most points. Points are assigned to pieces: pawns= 1, chariots = 2, horses = 3, elephants = 4, king = 6.



Ludeme Description

Four-Handed Chaturanga.lud


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Bock-Raming 1995: 315-316.

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Bock-Raming, A. 1996. Manasollasa, 5,560–623: Ein Bisher unbeachtet gebliebener Text zum indischen Schachspiel, übersetzt, kommentiert und interpretiert. Indo-Iranian Journal. 39(1):1–40.



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