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Four-Fang DLP Game   

Period Medieval, Modern

Region Eastern Asia

Category Reconstruction, Board, War


Four-Fang is a game that is played in China. It was played during the twentieth century, but graffiti at earlier sites suggest that it could be much older. Though it was observed, the rules were not documented, but it may be similar to the game Fang played by the Uighur people.


4x4 intersecting lines.

These rules were taken from the Historical Information ruleset.

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Reconstructed rulesets
Four-Fang1 Reconstructed with Ludii
Four-Fang2 Reconstructed with Ludii
Four-Fang3 Reconstructed with Ludii
Four-Fang4 Reconstructed with Ludii
Four-Fang5 Reconstructed with Ludii
Four-Fang6 Reconstructed with Ludii
Four-Fang7 Reconstructed with Ludii
Four-Fang8 Reconstructed with Ludii
Four-Fang9 Reconstructed with Ludii
Four-Fang10 Reconstructed with Ludii

Incomplete rulesets
Historical Information Rules from the DLP evidence.



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Shimizu, Y. and S. Miyahara. 2002. "Game Boards in the Longmen Caves and the Game of Fang." Board Game Studies 5: 25-33.



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