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Edris a Jin DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Western Asia

Category Reconstruction, Pending, Board, Race


Edris a Jin was a game played by the Druze people of Lebanon during the nineteenth century. It was played on a cruciform board, with diagonals connecting the arms of the cross, resulting in an octagonal board.


Four 4x8 rectangles, arranged in a cross. The central space is divided into a 4x4 grid. The corners of the arms of the cross are connected by diagonal tracks of eight squares, forming a diagonal board. Four cowries, used as dice. Three pieces per player, one of which is the "chief," the other two are "soldiers."

Culin 1898: 857.



Ludeme Description

Edris a Jin.lud


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Murray 1951: 138; Bell 1969: 2-3; Finkel 2002: 71.

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