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Dörvölz (Dorvolz)DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Eastern Asia, Northern Asia

Category Board, Space, Territory


Dörvölz is a game played in Mongolia, in which players attempt to enclose the largest number of empty spaces.


17x17 intersecting lines, with alternating black and white points, four equally spaced along the third and fifteenth rank and two along the seventh and eleventh rows, forming a large square. Each player has two kinds of piece, six bull-shaped pieces and 144 round pieces. To begin, players place their bull-shaped pieces on the opposite-color marked points on the board. Then, players alternate turns placing one of their pieces in an adjacent space next to one of their bull pieces. Once all of the bull pieces have been surrounded, the main phase of play begins. Players alternate turns placing one of their pieces on the board. The player who encloses the greatest number of empty spaces wins.

Popova 1974: 38, 39, 45.



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Popova, A. 1974. "Analyse formelle et classification des jeux de calculs mongole." Études mongoles 5: 1974: 7-60.



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