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Coptic Game DLP Game   

Period Medieval

Region Northern Africa

Category Reconstruction, Pending, Board, Race


This game, the original name for which has been lost, was played in Coptic Egypt (313-639 CE). It was played on a unique stepped board, with four rows of holes in which pegs were presumably used as pieces.


Three-stepped board. Top step: five rows of holes; four in the outer two rows, two in the next rows in, one in the central; second step: five holes in outer rows, central three rows with four holes; lower step: ten holes in outer rows; ten holes in next two rows; central row empty. Multiple pieces cannot occupy the same space.



Ludeme Description

Coptic Game.lud


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Crist et al 2016: 122-124; May 1992: 164.

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Crist, W., A.-E. Dunn-Vaturi and A. de Voogt. 2016. Ancient Egyptians at Play: Board Games Across Borders. London: Bloomsbury.

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