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Co Chan Cho DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Eastern Asia, Southeastern Asia

Category Board, Space, Blocking


Co Chan Cho is a blocking game that was played by children in the Tonkin region of Vietnam in the mid twentieth century. The game was usually drawn on the ground, and broken pieces of pottery, paper, or straw were used as pieces.


The board is a square with diagonals drawn, with the bottom side of the square marked with an X. Two pieces per player, which begin on opposite corners of the square, one player on the side with the X and the other to the opposite side. Players alternate turns moving one of their pieces along the lines of the board to an empty adjacent point. Players cannot move along the line marked with an X. When one player cannot move, the opponent wins.

Son 1985: 44.



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Co Chan Cho.lud


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Son, N. Q. 1985. Jeux d'Enfants du Vietnam. Paris: Sudestasie.

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