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Centrifugal Force



Category Board, Space, Line


Centrifugal Force is a paper-and-pencil game for two players inspired by Connect4, but using four different directions from which you can drop the tokens.
It was invented by Diego Soranzo and Gabriele Soranzo while they were talking about Centripetal Force, a similar game invented about forty years before by Gabriele Soranzo.


At the beginning of the game, the board is empty except for the the four edge cells, which are occupied by a square which belongs to neither player.

The first player plays with crosses, the second with circles.
Each player, on his turn, must place his marker on the grid onto an empty cell respecting the following rule:
the marker is dropped from one of the four sides of the board choosing a row or a column, and, proceeding in a straight line so that it goes inside of the board, it stops in front of the first obstacle (the border of the board, a marker of any of the two players or one of the four sqaures).
Pretty much the same as what happens in Connect4, except here there are four dropping directions.

To win the game you need to be the first to form an horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of at least five of your markers.
If there are no available moves, the game ends in a draw.


Diego Soranzo, Gabriele Soranzo

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