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Invented by Carl Renström in 1971, Castello is a game in which players must capture certain spaces on the board, known as "castles."


There are 30 game-pieces for each player and 11 castles. The gameboard is divided into three sections: homes and center section. Object of the game is to capture four castles (among those of the central section and the other side) or 28 pawns of your opponent. In his turn player moves one of his pieces, horizontally, vertically. A pawn can step to an adjacent empty cell. Additionally a pawn can jump over another pawn as long as the square behind that pawn is free. Multiple jumps are allowed and all enemy pawns are captured this way and removed from the deck. A pawn can capture a maximum of five enemy pieces, and his movement ends after the fifth piece is captured. A castle is conquered when it is surrounded by three of your pawns

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Le Livre des Jeux de Pions, Michel Boutin, Page 41,

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