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Category Board, Space, Line


On the Isle of Lewis (Outer Hebrides, Scotland) are located some of the most impressive prehistoric megalithic structures in Europe. The most important sites are around the area of Callanish, and include stone circles, cairns, and stone alignments.

The goal of Callanish is to create an alignment of a certain number of stones or stacks of your colour orthogonally along any file or rank of the board.


The board is initially empty. Each player chooses a colour: White or Black. White starts by placing a stone on a vacant square. Black does the same.

Players continue taking turns; however, your turn goes as follows: 1. Mark one of your exposed stones for removal from the board (i.e. it cannot be under an enemy stone). 2. Add one of your stones to the board. 3. Add another one of your stones to the board, at which point the marked stone is removed. The following rules constrain where you can add each stone: It must be a “knight’s move” away from the marked stone. That is to say, either 2 spaces vertically and 1 horizontally, or 2 spaces horizontally, and 1 vertically away from the marked stone. The space on which you place it must have none of your stones, and either: be vacant, or have an enemy stone, in which case you will place yours on top, creating a stack that you control.


José Manuel Astilleros García-Monge


nestorgames (used with permission)

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