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Caixuan Baiguan Duo DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Eastern Asia, Southeastern Asia


Caixuan Baiguan Duo is a Chinese promotion game from the Ming Dynasty based on Ming civil and military hierarchy.


Four dice. Desirable throws were not necessarily the highest scoring ones. Players use dice to move through a board with positions. The spaces with the positions describe the possible moves for each dice throw. Certain throws allow for the movement of both up and down the hierarchy. Moves are granted based on virtues, talents, and merits. Double fours grants one virtue, double sixes one talent, double fives, threes, or twos one merit. Triple fours grant two virtues, triple sixes grant two talents, triple fives, threes, or twos grant two merits. Double fours and double sixes all a player to move one talent, and then in the new position move according to one talent.




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Lo 2005: 66.

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Lo, A. 2004. "Official Aspirations: Chinese Promotion Games." In C. Mackenzie and I. Finkel (eds.), Asian Games: The Art of Contest. New York: Asia Society, 65-75.



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