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Brain Coral




Category Experimental


Brain Coral and Branching Coral are two related placement games based on the principle of placing pieces, such that, afterwards, connections via empty sites still remain from every board site to an empty site at the perimeter.

Brain Coral requires a single connection for each site.

Branching Coral, in addition, requires 2 adjacent empty sites for placement, and then afterwards, all the neighboring stones with less than 2 adjacent empty sites are simultaneously captured.

Passing is not allowed.

Scoring is based on the size of the largest group. Scoring options provide a bonus point for each separate group that belongs to Option 1, yourself; or Option 2, your opponent.


Goal: Score the most points:
-- One point for each stone in one's largest group.
-- Bonus points are also awarded according to the selected option.

In both games, the board starts empty, then players take alternating turns placing one of their stones onto an empty site, according to the placement rule for the selected game. (See 'Placement rules' below )

There is no passing. The game ends when no more placements can be made.

Players score one point for every stone in their largest group, then, if applicable, score bonus points according to the selected option.

The player with the higher score wins. If the scores are tied, the last player to have placed a stone is the winner.

Placement rules:
Brain Coral:
After placement, every site of the board must remain connected to an empty perimeter site via a continuous path of empty sites.
(note that a stone placed on a perimeter site needs to be next to an empty site to qualify.)

Branching Coral:
Each stone, when placed, must be adjacent to 2 empty sites.
Directly after placement and before capture, every site on the board must either be an empty edge site, or be connected to an empty edge site via a series of empty sites to an empty site(s).

Then, after placement, simultaneously remove all the adjacent stones that no longer are next to 2 empty sites.


Dale W. Walton

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