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Horn of Africa


Murray 7.6.7, Pankhurst 1971: 182, Marin 1931: 507 Two rows of five holes Four counters in each hole Players move by picking up all of the counters in any of the holes in their row and sowing them anti-clockwise. If the next hole after the one in which the final counter is dropped contains counters, these are picked up and sowing continues. If the next hole after the one in which the last counter was sown is empty, the counters in the hole after this one are taken and the turn is over. If that hole is empty, none are taken. When all of the holes in one row are empty, the player whose row still contains counters captures these counters. A new game begins. Each player fills as many of the holes in their row with four counters. The player which cannot fill all of their holes with four counters removes from play all of the holes that cannot be filled, and sets aside the extra counters. The game ends when one player must close all of the holes in their row, thus being unable to play.



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