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Aringari DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Northern Africa


Aringari is a board game played by the Fur people of Darfur. It was insufficiently described by R. Felkin, and it is unclear what kind of a game it is, though the description was close enough to mancala-style games to lead Murray to suggest that this is what Felin was describing, though without certainty.


Unknown number of players. Holes are arranged in a circle, with five stores in the center-one for each player, arranged in a cross shape. Each player begins with a predetermined number of counters. They take turns sowing them around the circle. When a hole contains the given number of stones, the player who placed a counter in it captures these. The player with the most stones places these in the central store, and each of the other players forfeits one stone to them. The four players who have the next largest number place them in the four other stores. The winner gives each of these players one stone from their store. These five players then play against each other, the winner of this round being the winner.

Felkin 1885: 255-256.


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Murray 1951: 180-181.

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Felkin, R. 1885. "Notes on the For Tribe of Central Africa." Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Edinburgh 13:205-265.



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