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Aiyawatstani DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Northern America

Category Reconstruction, Board, War, Leaping, Lines


Aiyawatstani is a capturing game played at the Acoma Pueblo of New Mexico. According to oral tradition, it came with the Acoma people when they came from the north.


5x5 intersecting lines, with diagonals in each small square. Twenty-two pieces per player, one black and one white, arranged on the four rows (counting the points where diagonals cross as rows) closest to each player; the central point remains empty, the black player places two pieces on the outer points and the white player places two on the inner two points.

These rules were taken from the Historical Information ruleset.

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Aiyawatstani1 Reconstructed with Ludii
Aiyawatstani2 Reconstructed with Ludii
Aiyawatstani3 Reconstructed with Ludii
Aiyawatstani4 Reconstructed with Ludii

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Historical Information Rules from DLP.


New Mexico

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Murray 1951: 67.

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Culin, S. 1907. Games of the North American Indians. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

Murray, H.J.R. 1951. A History of Board-Games Other Than Chess. Oxford: Clarendon Press.



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