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A'imé (Aime)DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Western Africa

Category Board, Race, Reach


A'imé is a simple race game played by children in what is now Benin. The game represents people going to the market (located in the center of the board) to buy afiti fruits.


Seven concentric circles. Three points outside the circles. The center contains a circle, the market. There are three balls, placed near the board. Each player plays with one piece, which begins in the outermost point. The first player holds something in their hand, and asks the second player to guess which hand it is in. If the guessing player guesses correctly, they move their piece to the next point, or to the next ring of the spiral toward the market. If the guessing player guesses incorrectly, the player holding the object moves one space forward. The guessing player now takes the object, and asks the next player to guess which hand the object is in, and so on. When a player reaches the market, they take one of the three balls next to the board. The player who fails to collect a ball loses.

Béart 1955: 433-434.



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Béart, C. 1955. Jeux et jouets de l'ouest africain. Tome II. Dakar: IFAN.

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