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Aasha DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Southern Asia

Category Reconstruction, Pending, Board, Race, Escape


Aasha is a game that was played in the Jewish community of Kochi, India in the twentieth century. Its resemblance, both in the unique board and the rules, to the ancient game 20 Squares may suggest that these games are related.


3x5 board with a five square extension of the central track. The final track of the central row is marked with an X. Two oval depressions on either side of the long track. Twelve pieces per player. Five cowrie shells, one of which is broken on one side, used as dice. Pieces are entered into the oval depressions first, then onto the grid, each player from opposite corners and proceeding down the outer row and to the central track, and then off the board. Pieces "kill" one another.



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Finkel 1999: 8-12.

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