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Category Board, Space, Connection


Double-'0' Y ('00'-Y / 'Double Agent Y') is based on 'Defector Y' but causes sequential cascading flips after piece placement. This is applied to every piece that is surrounded by an excess of its own kind, -- not just the flipping of opponents into friends.

Since the flips cascade, they are resolved immediately and unlike Defector Y are not pending from previous turns. Therefore the flips are evaluated after each placement, rather than before the last placement of a turn.

These changes allow a tactic of placing your piece, then immediately flipping it in order to flip an opponent's piece on the opposite side to become your own; which can be effective for breaking chains.

Since chains can be broken, the end condition is evaluated before one's turn rather than after, lessening the sharpness of compared to Defector Y.

Note that options can be selected that make the game very close to Defector Y, but there remains a difference in the Alternating Turn versions: conversion here is after placement, originally it was before. However, the Double turn version should be equivalent.
The 3rd option, where friends flip to enemies, has a very cold feeling to it especially if the win is at the beginning of the turn.


Goal: Connect all three edge colors with a single group of connected stones of your own color. (As in 'Y')

First turn is a single move. In the standard game subsequent turns have two placements each. The player seeking to connect with the darker color starts.

The moves consist of two parts: placement, then conditional 'flipping' of stones:
- Placement is to any empty location.
- 'Flipping' means changing the color of a stone that has more neighbors of its own color than enemy neighbors.

Flipping is restricted to the selected option. Stones are flipped one at a time until no more can flip.

Options are:
-- 00'Y': All - Each applicable stone flips, one at a time with cascading effects, until no more can flip.
-- Defector Y: Enemies flip into Friends - these might be pieces near/at the stone just placed placed, and/or a stone the opponent flipped.
-- Friends flip into Enemies - these might be pieces near/at the opponent's last placements or flips.

The first player to connect all 3 sides after the all flips have been made is the winner.


Dale W. Walton

Creation date


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