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Evidence in Passamaquoddy

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.2054
Type Ethnography
Game Kokonag'n
Date 1888-01-01 - 1888-12-31
Rules Resembles checkers. Spaces are of different sizes. Round and square pieces. Pieces are marked with different values.
Content " Ko-ko-nag'n has a resemblance to the game of Checkers, but though nearly all are more or less proficient at the latter game, there are only a few that understand Ko-ko-na-g'n. This, unlike any other game, may be played by male and female opponents. It is the least noisy, the skillful play requiring deliberation and undivided attention. A smooth surface is marked off into different-sized spaces, and pieces of wood, touns and square, marked to qualify value, are generally used, though sometimes carved bone is substituted." Brown 1888: 43.
Confidence 100
Genders Female, Male
Source Brown, W. 1888. "Some Indoor and Outdoor Games of the Wabanaki Indians." Transactions of the ROyal Society of Canada 1(6): 41-46.

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