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Evidence in Eastern Desert

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1878
Type Ethnography
Game Andot
Date 1938-01-01 - 1938-12-31
Rules 2x6 board. Four counters per hole. Players sow in a clockwise direction from their left three holes or anti-clockwise from their right two holes. When the final counter of a sowing falls into a hole containing three counters, making it now contain four, this hole is marked and counters cannot be sown from this hole. Such holes cannot be made by sowing a single counter into an opponent's hole with three counters. A player cannot sow a lone counter that was sown into their row by the opponent on the previous turn back into the hole from which it was just moved. If a player is unable to sow from their row, the opponent may continue to play until the player is able to move. Play continues until all of the counters are in marked holes. The player with the most counters in their marked holes wins.
Content Detailed account of Andot as played by the Beja people of the Eastern Desert in Sudan given in Owen 1938.
Confidence 100
Ages All
Social status All
Spaces Outside, Public
Genders Male
Source Owen, T. 1938. "A Bega Game:-'Andot.'" Sudan Notes and Records 21(1): 201-205.

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