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Evidence for Cheng Fang Cheng Long

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1834
Type Ethnography
Location Shaanxi Qinghai
Location 30°36'5.61"N, 114°17'39.33"E 39°44'56.81"N,116° 8'35.74"E 34°44'47.80"N,113°37'31.18"E
Date 1997-07-01 - 1999-12-31
Rules 5x5 intersecting lines. Forming squares on the board with a player's pieces is considered beneficial.
Content Account describing the presence of Fang games in Shaanxi province, China, from people from Wuhan, Fangshan, Zhengzhou, and Qinghai province. "Furthermore, we could get a lot of information about "fang" from a person from Hubei province, whom we met in Shaanxi province. This person was from Fangshan prefecture...Five-line "fang" is commonly played there also. He said that there fang is called cheng fang cheng long (with fang meaning "square" and long meaning "drgon" this term indicates, that the player who creates a square will be lucky). Shimizu and Miyahara 2002: 31-32.
Confidence 100
Ages Elder, Adolescent, Adult
Genders Male
Source Shimizu, Y. and S. Miyahara. 2002. "Game Boards in the Longmen Caves and the Game of Fang." Board Game Studies 5: 25-33.

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