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Evidence for Borobodur Game

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1829
Type Artistic depiction
Location 7°36'28.78"S,110°12'13.88"E
Date 0900-01-01 - 0999-12-31
Rules 2x12 board. The center of the board is either decorated with a floral motif or with five pieces on the same spot. Either eleven or sixteen pieces. Two cubic dice. Not all pieces are on the board at the same time. More than one piece can occupy a space.
Content Game playing scene shown on the Borobodur Stupa in Java. Tenth Century. Two people are playing a game with 2x12 rectangles, with incurved sides. The central point either has five pieces on it ot a floral decorative motif. Five pieces are on the board (two in one space, three in another), and two are off the board in front of one player, four are off the board in front of the other. Two six-sided dice. Soar 2007: 195-196.
Confidence 100
Source Soar, M. "2007. Board Games and Backgammon in Ancient Indian Sculpture. In I. Finkel (ed.), Ancient Board Games in Perspective. London: The British Museum Press, p. 177-231.

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