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Evidence for Apit

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1828
Type Ethnography
Location Malaya
Date 1915-01-01 - 1915-12-31
Rules 8x8 board. An opponent's piece may be captured when it is surrounded on opposite sides by two of the player's pieces. When a player moves a piece between two of the opponent's pieces, both of the opponent's pieces are taken.
Content "Apit is played on a draught-board. If a player can plae one of his pieces on each side of a hostile piece he takes it, or if he can move one of his own between two of the enemy's he takes both." Wilkinson 1915: 57.
Confidence 100
Source Wilkinson, R. 1915. Malay Literature Part II. Kuala Lumpur: Government Press.

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